Visualizing your data

Open your browser and hit http://localhost:9200/_plugin/kibana. You will see a splash screen, followed by

Configure your index pattern

Kibana enables seamless access to data in your indexes through an index pattern. You specify the index pattern on the start page, and Kibana automatically figures out which indexes to hit for the time range you are displaying. You tell Kibana where to look by specifying an index pattern.

Logstash creates one index per day by default, named "Logstash-YYYY.MM.DD". You use a wildcard to specify the pattern of these indexes, specified in the Index name or pattern text box. Since Kibana is designed to work with Logstash indices, the correct pattern is already filled in for you.

Kibana also uses a date field to filter to a particular time frame. This is already filled in for you in the Time Filter field name drop down.

Click Create. Kibana will show you the fields that are in your index

Switch to the Discover pane.